Part of good pond or lake management is using good bottom aeration system

Aquapond sells Aquacontrol brand bottom aeration
systems for your Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan pond or lake.

Pond aeration is defined as adding air to water for the purpose of increasing oxygen levels and improving circulation. The most effective and practical management tool used to maintain and improve water quality is a pond aeration system.

Aquapond installs Aquacontrol bottom aeration, the finest system in the industry. The system is enclosed by a state of the art enclosure and great warranty, and we can customize a system to your exact pond size. The diffusers that sit on the pond's bottom will keep the pond from turning stagnant and allow fish to breathe comfortably and decompose sludge and other debris, allowing ammonia levels to drop; resulting in good water quality.

Bottom Pond aeration systems from Aquapond ensure the characteristics of a healthy lake or pond:

  • Sufficient oxygen for plant life and fish survival
  • Adequate mixing of the water to reduce stratification so that the
    oxygen is uniformly distributed throughout the water column

Bottom aeration systems help control algae overgrowth, aquatic weeds, sludge, and aquatic odors. Pond and lake bottom aeration systems allow the water at all depths the ability to support animal and plant life, control algae growth by limiting its food source and aid decomposition of suspended organic material and muck on the bottom of the lake. Through circulation, the water is able to release harmful gases that build up on the bottom into the atmosphere, thereby further improving water quality and eliminating any unpleasant odors. A pond or lake aeration system from Aquapond improves the aesthetics and overall health of a body of water.

Aquapond is a distributor for Aquacontrol and specializes in installing Aquacontrol brand bottom aeration with a great 5 year warranty on pumps 1 hp and above with quality parts, like stainless steel propellers, motors, and hardware from half-horse up.

We can also ship a bottom aeration unit right to your front door.