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Aquapond’s friendly staff will be glad to answer any questions on your future water garden, acreage pond, fountain, bottom aerators, or aquatic algae and weeds. We will also gladly answer any questions regarding diagnosing and water treatments, testing, landscaping, or sales and shipping of fountains and aeration systems. We can also schedule our installation professionals to install your new water feature.  Aquapond can help take care of it all!

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Listen to Shawn, our pond expert, discussing pond management at a live audio radio interview...



At Aquapond in Toledo we specialize in:

  • Water Gardening
  • Ornamental Pond Design
  • Installation of ponds and liners
  • Repairs to pond liners (even one’s we didn’t install)
  • Acreage pond management
  • Fountain installation and sales
  • Bottom Aeration
  • Lake management services
  • Services for algae and aquatic growths
  • Custom water features