Fountains and pond water bottom aeration sales, services and installation

Choose from our selection of quality pond fountains and lake fountains
to add vital oxygen to pond water, create aesthetic appeal
and improve overall pond water quality.


beautifulfountainAquapond is one of the leading lake and pond fountain installation companies in the Greater Toledo area. With installations throughout the Toledo Ohio area. Our installations are enjoyed by individuals, communities and businesses alike.

Part of good pond and lake management and a healthy pond is using a high quality fountain and good bottom aeration. We sell Aquacontrol brand aerators, the best in the industry with a 5 year warranty on 1 hp and above. Shipped right to your door. Aqua pond will also install your new pond or lake fountain.

At Aquapond we have Pond Fountain Aerators With Several Spray Patterns Available.

Aquapond installs Aquacontrol bottom aeration to Toledo water gardens, the finest system in the industry. The system is enclosed by a  state of the art enclosure and great warranty, and we can customize an aeration system to your exact pond or lake size. The diffusers that sit on the pond's bottom will keep the pond from turning stagnant and allow fish to breathe comfortably and decompose sludge and other debris, allowing ammonia levels to drop, resulting in good water quality.

lightatnightEffective Pond Aeration is not a factor of how many gallons per hour that is moved, but rather how the movement affects the total volume of your pond. An Aquacontrol fountain installed by Aquapond can help you aerate your pond or lake.


Whether you are looking for a fountain for your pond, lake or an architectural feature, Aquapond can help!

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