Aquapond is a Toledo area acreage pond
and garden pond management company

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Home – Aquapond has been a leader in acreage pond and garden pond management services for 15 years.
We offer a wide range of pond management services including:lakepond

  • Pond stocking
  • Acreage/ garden pond construction
  • Stocking fish in ponds
  • Koi fish pond construction/liners
  • Aquatic pesticide/herbicide application to control algae and weeds
  • Pond analysis and clean-up
  • Repair garden ponds
  • Fountain Installation and Liner Installation
  • Spring/Fall pond cleaning
  • Monthly pond management programs

About Aquapond – We are a full service lake and pond management company, providing a wide variety of aquatic products, including algaecides, aquatic herbicides, aerators, fountains, biologicals, dyes, and other aquatic related products.

Bottom Aeration – Pond aeration is defined as adding air to water for the purpose of increasing oxygen levels and improving circulation. The most effective and practical pond management tool used to maintain and improve water quality is a pond bottom aeration system.

Custom Ponds – Aquapond in Toledo designs, builds, and maintains water features that include custom-crafted waterfalls, ponds, pondless waterfalls, koi ponds, lakes and streams.

Do-It-Yourself – Kits are the best way for beginner to install garden ponds and water features. No matter what size of garden pond one has in mind, there is most certainly an appropriately-sized kit available.

Pond/Lake Management – Aquapond will work with you on your pond and assess your lake or pond's needs. We will put together a pond management contract to keep your pond or lake's water quality safe, healthy, and looking fabulous so you can simply enjoy it. We service ponds and lakes throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan

Pond/Lake Fountains – Aquapond is one of the leading lake and pond fountain installation companies in the Greater Toledo area. With lake fountain installations throughout the Toledo Ohio area.

Water Gardens – A majority of ponds built today are “water gardens” where the main focus is beauty in the landscape.
Accessories we have for your Toledo area water garden pond:waterrocks

  • Fish ponds
  • Water garden pond liners
  • Pond plants
  • Pond algae
  • Pond water pumps
  • Pond fountains’
  • Pond water filters
  • Pond UV filters
  • Pond lights
  • Pond Do-it-Yourself kits
  • Pond garden waterfalls

Testimonials – Many satisfied water feature customers have written testimonials about our work. We’d like to share some of their comments with you.

Contact Us – Aquapond’s friendly staff will be glad to answer any questions on your future water garden, acreage pond, fountain, bottom aerators, or aquatic algae and weeds. We will also gladly answer any questions regarding diagnosing and water treatments, testing, landscaping, or sales and shipping of fountains and aeration systems.